It’s not often that you can put on a piece of your outfit and know that it has completely changed someone’s life for the better before coming into your world.  The jewelry and home goods from Tribe + Glory do just that.

I’ve been inspired not only by how beautiful these pieces are but even more so by the story of Tribe + Glory’s co-founders Caragh and Loren. The nonprofit Tribe + Glory is based in the village Zirobwe, Uganda and looks to empower female entrepreneurs living in the area.  I had the opportunity to get to know these ladies at their Los Angeles launch and even more so over an inspiring latte chat in El Segundo. The relaunch was held in Santa Monica and attended by fashionistas all over Los Angeles to support and learn more about Tribe + Glory. 

Sadly most women in Uganda do not have the opportunity to education, but instead are married off at the age of 14 and expected to raise children on their own as the majority of their husbands are not present and head off to other parts of the country to work. One of the main goals for Tribe + Glory is to support females locally who want to have their own businesses. Caragh says, “The jewelry is a short term program for them. 60% of their salary gets saved and 40% allows them to live above the poverty line. So once they save up enough, they graduate the program and are able to start their own business with the money they’ve saved. Throughout this, we also get them entrepreneurial training in banking and business, this way they can leave the program with the skills to help their business grow.”  And from what I can tell these skills go far beyond business knowledge but also help the women become stronger as individuals, mothers and leaders in their society.

What they are about…

Tribe + Glory’s jewelry designs are made from natural materials. The pieces are made from cattle horn, sourced as a by-product of the food industry and recycled by the jewelry line. Their products are also inspired by the natural resources of Uganda, making the pieces unique to the region.

“These women’s dreams are centered around their families and rarely focused on themselves. The beauty of Tribe + Glory is for women in the program to find their own dreams and to achieve their own business ventures,” says Loren.

About Caragh & Loren…

These two fashionistas hail from different areas of the world, Caragh is from a small town outside of London and Loren is from Houston. They met in Uganda while both on gap years and instantly became best friends while falling in love with the beautiful sky of East Africa. They currently reside in Uganda helping these women and their company grow everyday.  Together, they have created Tribe + Glory and a newfound hope.

To support their nonprofit organization, you can find their products and mission at www.tribeandglory.com.