The three W’s that I’m all about!  Talk about a powerful evening of girl power!  It’s not often you get to meet a room full of outstanding women and network.  With a line up like this you can see why I took some members of my #SOS team to learn some wisdom from these fabulous women:

Justine Lassoff, Co-Founder of Love Goodly
Tracie Maffei, Head of Industry at Google
Rachel Payne, CEO of Fem, Inc.
Jennifer Song, President of Tobi
Maile Pacheco, Founder of beGlammed


Some of our favorite soundbites from the evening…
Say yes even if you’re nervous. It may not be an ideal job but it may be a stepping stone to your next dream job.
Press for feedback and don’t be afraid to market yourself. We as women feel bad doing that and shouldn’t.

Rachel Payne – It’s important to remember the mentality of scarcity is not ok, there is more than one position out there for you.