Friday’s Find


It’s the first Friday of February and what better occasion to treat yourself and freshen up your closet a little? This week I bring you an essential #FridaysFind to get you through these last few weeks of LA winter. Regardless if you get chilly the second it drops below 70 degrees or if you are just looking for a hot transition piece, we have the answer for you! This camel-toned cape from Zara is one of my favorite pieces of the season and it will give you a stylish layer for any outfit. I wore it with fringed boots and a trusty patterned dressed but clearly the possibilities here are endless.

Is it just me or do pockets make any item one hundred times better? Chances are that the ones in this cape are holding my cell phone, lip gloss and my local coffee shop’s loyalty punch card. Pockets are also the biggest life hack for those days you simply cannot figure out where to put your hands posing for that perfect picture!

This #FridayFind goes out to this jean-on-jean look. Denim is so in right now, so take a chance with your outfit and pair your denim vest with a pair of classic distressed jeans. Compliment your outfit with a sandy taupe crossbody purse to add a stylish pop. Check out Madewell for all your denim and purse must-haves!  

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Slim Straight Jeans: Knee-rip Edition

White Cotton Courier Shirt

Pocket Jean Vest

The Juniper Crossbody Bag

Gazelle Lace-up Leather Sneakers

Glider Bangle Bracelet