Happy 2018 fashionistas! It’s interesting how beginnings always makes us reflect on an ending. Hopefully your 2017 ended on a positive note and you’re ready to pop into the new year!  I love setting new year goals, not just resolutions, but actual substantial goals. Hopefully I can give you a little inspiration for your wardrobe goals this year.

Most women wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time, that’s an extra 80% of baggage to what most of us already have in our lives. I find that many of my clients waste precious time each week trying to figure out what to wear, how to wear it and and trying to find where their favorite shirt is. It may not seem like much, but when you break it down, if you’re wasting ten minutes each workday morning trying to figure out what to wear and where things are, that is close to an hour every week wasted. So i challenge you to take no less that four hours to do the following:   

  • Grab three plastic bags, three pieces of paper and write TOSS, DONATE, MEND on them.  Get yourself set up with the three piles/bags with the pieces of paper in front of each spread apart so you don’t put anything by accident in the wrong bag.
  • Now ask yourself…What items in your closet have you not worn?…And then put your big girl panties on and decide if you can let them go!  And if you can look at something and not even remember the last time you wore it then either give it to someone, @Poshmark it, or donate it…one of my favorite charities @dressforsuccess!
  • If you have any clothes that you aren’t emotionally attached to with holes, pitted out armpits, or stains it’s time to toss those out.
  • Do you have things in your closet that need mending and that’s why you haven’t worn them??? Well make that pile and take them to your local dry cleaner.
  • Go through your shoes and look at the heels, straps, or clasps and see if any need some sprucing up…every girl needs a good cobbler.  Get them fixed so you’re not the girl in the office making that clicking sound or on a date and loose your heel.
  • Do you have any clothes that are to baggy or frumpy or don’t accentuate your best assets?  Well we all do especially for that time of the month but girl not for the whole month!  Narrow this pile down!
  • Do you have to much of the same thing?  20 black sweaters or leggings and long shirts only…this is definitely a deeper question and one we may have to tackle together.  Feel free to reach out for personal assistance managing your wardrobe, either in person or via Skype!

This list isn’t that long and just doing these few things you can get your closet ready for all that 2018 has to come!

Happy New Year

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