The hardest thing to do on your period is trying to put on jeans, because no girl really wants to know how bloated they actually are during that time of the month. But don’t worry! With the help of SIX:02, I have found the perfect tights, sweats and statement capris that you can wear all week long!

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Nike Zone Sculpt Tights

Reebok Knit Moto Tight

Reebok Studio Faves Tank

Nike Rally Pants

The sun is starting to set earlier and the nights are cooling down enough to make you want to grab a sweater! So make room in your closets for all your go to summer night sleeves. Tune in to this week’s video to learn more on how you can maximize closet space for all those bulky sweaters!

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Lynk Tall Solid Shelf Dividers

Clear Shelf Dividers

Under Bed Storage Bags

Canvas Hanging Sweater Organizer

Triangle Pendant Scarf Organizer

Square Pendant Scarf Organizer