Hey Fashionistas! We are halfway through the week and you know what that means… we’re already planning for the weekend! This week I went to the Hermosa Beach Farmer’s Market and found just what I was looking for and more. It’s always sunny in California, so what better outfit is there to wear than a Lucky Brand midi knit dress? It is so lightweight and the detail of the side knot is perfectly placed to accentuate your waist. And the best part – it’s currently on sale (Find the look at the bottom)!  

One incredible way to spend a free afternoon, while also getting to check off some of your grocery list items is by finding your local farmer’s market.  Whether you gravitate towards the handpicked flowers, bright fruit stands, or earthy vegetables, these markets truly have something for everyone.  I brought along my straw basket from Francesca’s and filled it up with homemade muffins, a colorful floral arrangement, and my favorite- Asian pears!  

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Exact Match (ON SALE)

Forget Me Knot Shirtdress

Vix Swimwear Knox Dress

Monrow Twist Knot Dress

It’s the first Friday of February and what better occasion to treat yourself and freshen up your closet a little? This week I bring you an essential #FridaysFind to get you through these last few weeks of LA winter. Regardless if you get chilly the second it drops below 70 degrees or if you are just looking for a hot transition piece, we have the answer for you! This camel-toned cape from Zara is one of my favorite pieces of the season and it will give you a stylish layer for any outfit. I wore it with fringed boots and a trusty patterned dressed but clearly the possibilities here are endless.

Is it just me or do pockets make any item one hundred times better? Chances are that the ones in this cape are holding my cell phone, lip gloss and my local coffee shop’s loyalty punch card. Pockets are also the biggest life hack for those days you simply cannot figure out where to put your hands posing for that perfect picture!

This #FridayFind goes out to this jean-on-jean look. Denim is so in right now, so take a chance with your outfit and pair your denim vest with a pair of classic distressed jeans. Compliment your outfit with a sandy taupe crossbody purse to add a stylish pop. Check out Madewell for all your denim and purse must-haves!  

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Slim Straight Jeans: Knee-rip Edition

White Cotton Courier Shirt

Pocket Jean Vest

The Juniper Crossbody Bag

Gazelle Lace-up Leather Sneakers

Glider Bangle Bracelet

The hardest thing to do on your period is trying to put on jeans, because no girl really wants to know how bloated they actually are during that time of the month. But don’t worry! With the help of SIX:02, I have found the perfect tights, sweats and statement capris that you can wear all week long!

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Nike Zone Sculpt Tights

Reebok Knit Moto Tight

Reebok Studio Faves Tank

Nike Rally Pants

The sun is starting to set earlier and the nights are cooling down enough to make you want to grab a sweater! So make room in your closets for all your go to summer night sleeves. Tune in to this week’s video to learn more on how you can maximize closet space for all those bulky sweaters!

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Lynk Tall Solid Shelf Dividers

Clear Shelf Dividers

Under Bed Storage Bags

Canvas Hanging Sweater Organizer

Triangle Pendant Scarf Organizer

Square Pendant Scarf Organizer

Who doesn’t have a panty or bra drawer that isn’t an absolute mess?  Well this Thursday I headed to The Container Store to find the ultimate under garment organizer to fix that mix of bras, panties and socks.  So to save yourself some time when you’re trying to figure out what will work best under that dress for Friday night, be sure to check these out.

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Boobie Trap

Drawer Organizers

Colibri (Available In-Store or on Amazon)

We know that T-Shirt dresses have been the lazy girl’s go-to style, but the hoodie dress has been giving it a run for its money. Kick it old school J-Lo style with some hoops and a high ponytail or let your inner wild child out with your hair down. Either way, it’s great for a cozy girls night in or a casual date night for a movie in the park or if you’re like me, when you want to look cute on a Target run. Not only is this extra snuggly, it makes your legs look amazing!

hoodie dress
hoodie dress
hoodie dress
hoodie dress

We have all had that experience walking into a workout store, looking around and thinking, “wait, can I actually work out in this??” Most likely, if you had to ask, it’s probably best not to. Meeting with our workout guru, SIX:02 store manager, Kalin, she showed us some of her favorite workout brands not for the gym. Koral’s activewear line is perfect for a light yoga class or if you want to look cute going to Target as their sports bras don’t give much support. But the best part of Koral activewear? All their stuff is water proof! You know we couldn’t leave out the Queen B, Beyonce’s collection, Ivy Park, provides outfits perfect for everyday activities including brunch with the ladies, because of their comfort like workout gear, but also their sexiness.  Check out the video to see these hot new looks.

This #FridaysFind is a sleeveless green vest from Neva Co Boutique. A little secret of Nevada City is in their vintage stores. Not only will you stand out, but you will also be rocking a one-of-a-kind piece. The accent flower embroidery on the back also adds an extra playfulness. Because there is so much going on with the vest, I like to keep it simple with a white tank. As a ‘70s baby, this takes me back and makes me feel like I’m channeling my mom’s style.


Come join us at The Container Store to check out some hot items that you need in your closet.  I’m not sure if the Container Store gives you the sense of calm it gives me but I promise going there will help inspire you to get your closet in order. We’re talking about up-to-date hangers and space-saving finds that will give you one more reason to shop once you see all that extra space in your closet.

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Hanging Storage Bags

Huggable Hangers

Space Bags by Ziploc