Join us for an evening of FABULOUS networking!

Fri. Sep 9, 2022.

6 PM – 9:30 PM EDT

From the moment you walk in the door we guide you on the best networking experience you’ll have during NYFW.

We plan to help you put your most fashionable foot forward with Make-up Touch Ups from Billion Dollar Beauty. Modern Luxury | Manhattan Magazine our media partner is New York’s hottest magazine that features style, beauty, and more. You’ll enjoy one hosted drink along with passed hors d’ oeuvres from 6-7.

We welcome any male guests as well… the evening is all about not gate-keeping and opening the gates for not only yourself but other inspirational women!

This event is highly exclusive and tickets are limited. Guests will receive a gift from Billion Dollar Beauty fab goodies to set them up for success during NYFW.

Tucked into midtown’s iconic Solow building at 9 West 57th Street, Cucina 8 1/2 pairs rustic Italian cuisine with classic New York opulence. Descend the grand staircase, sip a negroni and savor a dining experience that combines substance with plenty of style.

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS: Cucina 8 ½ & Billion Dollar Beauty

In our transition to this new and virtual working environment, online interviews are becoming more and more common. Over zoom, it can be challenging to stand out and show your personality. However, we have the perfect outfit that is sure to catch the interviewer’s attention.

To start, we have this matching power suit that is to die for! The hot pink blazer will catch any interviewer’s eye, and the matching palazzo pants will make you feel very put together. They are comfortable, yet super chic (much better than sweatpants!)

We paired the look with a black tank to let the hot pink shine. To top it off, we have these fantastic gold chain link earrings that are the perfect mix of professional and stylish. Pop on this outfit, and you’ll be ready to virtually blow them away!

Cheers to all you fabulous ladies & gents that have joined our last two Happier Hours. I’m so grateful for the love & support the very deserving causes have received. Take a minute to watch & reminisce on the beauty of coming together from the safety of our homes. Catch a glimpse of some Happy Highlights.

Please join us July 30th as we bring you some spectacular celebrities, entertainment and more. Live every hour like it’s Happy Hour!

Looking for more activities, while also maintaining social distancing? Why not have a social distance picnic! Super simple and easy to put together, just call up your friends, pick the location, and throw together this super cute outfit. 

Keeping it super simple, we love this cropped white top with the cutest sleeves that make this top feel extra summery. We paired it with a pair of high waisted flowy shorts with an adorable floral pattern. This combo is so bright and light that is perfect for a summer day. This outfit gets tied all together with a simple pair of gold drop earrings that pair super well with shorts. A simple pair of white tennis shoes complete this look that are both cute and functional. 

We are obsessed with this cooler bag that has so many compartments for all your picnic goodies. Summer is the time to get together with friends and spend time outside. Even though this year is a little different, you can still get together responsibly and fashionably. Cheers to a beautiful sunny day!

Unfortunately we all have been stuck at home for quite some time now, and probably miss our girlfriends. Having a Sunday Zoom brunch can help cure your quarantine blues and getting dressed for the occasion can come together in a snap. Just throwing on some wardrobe basics with some fun jewelry can make you feel like you are out to Sunday brunch with your girlfriends from the comfort and safety of your home. 

A staple we love is a simple pair of statement pants. These printed trousers keep the comfort of being a home while making you feel like you’ve dressed up a little bit. They are perfect for going from the table to the couch after indulging in your brunch spread. A simple white linen cropped tee is a no brainer to pair with these bottoms. It is light and fun and perfect for this fresh spring weather that is rolling in.

On top to tie this look all together we threw on a light denim blazer, which completes that feel of going out even from home. This look is super easy to throw together and modify with whatever you’ve got in your closet!

Accessories are our next stop to elevate this brunch at home look. Simple statement pieces can take any outfit to the next level. Gold hoops are a classic when it comes to a statement earring. A simple gold necklace is the only other accessory you need to complete this look. No shoes are necessary for this at home look, but maybe just your favorite pair of fun socks to really make you feel totally relaxed. 

We are all trying to get through this pandemic one day at a time, so why not make it cute. Text your girlfriends and plan out what you guys will have at this brunch to feel connected from your homes. Maybe even recreate dishes and drinks from your favorite brunch spots! It is the little things that are helping us survive this quarantine. Stay safe, healthy, and stylish!

Right now, we are all spending more time than we would like to at home, so why not make it cute and productive. We are so lucky to live in a generation where at-home workouts are becoming more accessible at the touch of our fingertips. Here are some of our at-home workout essentials we are obsessed with.

A matching set is always a great way to get into the workout mood. As a reminder: if you look good, you’ll feel good. We got our set from Alo Yoga, which is one of our favorite athletic wear brands. Alo has so many cute options for the best matching sets. They offer so many different styles and colors that it was hard for us to pick just one favorite. But, this lavender is the perfect color for Spring.

The perfect item to throw on over this set is a cute cropped sweatshirt, which is from Fabletics. We love the length of the crop on this sweatshirt, which pairs perfectly with a pair of high waisted leggings. It’s a cute way to warm up or throw on when you’re just lounging around the house.

Next is a cute mat to set up your workout station. We love this mat from Gaiam because it is so easy to store, lightweight, and comes in so many different fun colors.

Our next edition to our set up is a light set of weights that can be used in so many different exercises. Target has so many great options, and you can even go with a heavier and lighter set of weights to give your body the options it needs.

Our final at home workout accessory is a set of resistance bands that are great for getting in a good burn in a short amount of time or if your workout space is limited. We are in love with our GymBandit bands, which are available on Amazon! Just a few essentials to get us through this time at home to keep us moving every day.

This is a rare occasion where most of us are spending a lot of time at home. While spending time at home, this allows us to have a more relaxed approach to getting dressed. We wanted to share our 7 favorite pieces of clothing to make your time at home a comfier experience. 

The first item is the Align leggings from LuluLemon. These leggings are the perfect everyday legging whether you are spending the day at home, running errands, or for an at-home workout. Hack: get a pair in the next size up, so you have leggings for those bloated days where you need a little less compression.

The next item is the Energy bra from LuluLemon. This bra offers high support for a-b cup ladies and medium support for c cups and up. It is the perfect bra for a low impact activity, which makes it the ideal at-home sports bra. The band comes down a little lower around the ribs, and the criss-cross design in the back is all the support you need. It comes in so many cute colors available in all sizes!  

The next item is the Calvin Klein racerback bralette, which has become iconic for a reason. It feels like such a luxurious item for a pretty small cost. The material is a super soft cotton, and the support is super light for those days where you just want to be comfy. It is the ultimate lounge bra for the long days at home that is perfect under a big sweater or hoodie. 

This item pairs well with our favorite Madewell Joggers. These joggers are the only sweatpants you will ever need. The inside is super soft, and the length comes all the way down to the ankle and scrunches up just a little bit. They can double as pajama bottoms for that super cute movie night or the lazy Sundays when you don’t want to change. 

To complete this quarantine look is the cutest crewneck sweatshirt from Suburban Riot. This sweatshirt embraces the quarantine vibe which has such cute sayings like “Homebody” written across the chest. We are all stuck at home right now, so why not wear a sweatshirt to match the occasion. This sweatshirt is super comfy and comes in many different styles. Perfect for throwing on with a pair of leggings or joggers for that day at home, or even to run errands. 

Then we have the cutest accessories to tie these looks all together. The fuzzy Ugg slippers are ideal for being at home all day. They are super comforting and easy to throw on for a casual day at home. Another accessory that we are obsessed with right now is scrunchies. They are the ideal hair accessory for staying at home because they don’t pull on your hair the way elastics do, but also keep it pulled back for the days your hair is a lot.

These are our 7 favorite comfy items to help you survive this quarantine. We are wishing everyone strength, health, and love during this time at home. 

It’s time to sail into this week!  I love nothing more than being on a boat and since I have to work I’m rocking this sailboat romper.  This is from a tiny boutique downtown so sadly it’s not available to the masses…actually not sadly, because I love having things not everyone else is rocking.

I’ve learned in life you can’t control the wind but you can control your sail.  It’s always a little hard to get back to the grind after a holiday but we’re right back at and looking forward to all that’s to come this week.  If you haven’t checked out our No Rest For Boss Babes event click here to learn more.  We’ve partnered with No Rest For Bridget and are raising money for a fantastic organization called Dress For Success and bringing together fabulous fashionista #BossBabes for a fun afternoon of networking and shopping.

Speaking of shopping, seas the day and take a look at these nautical inspired looks!

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My whole life I’ve had dear friends and family that have associated as a part of the LGBT community and honestly I never fully understood the struggle that many of them had gone through. Then one day it all became clear to me. One of the most influential moments in my life was watching my younger brother go through the struggle of coming out. It’s odd because I’d always known something from the time we were little kids. Anyone who has a sibling can understand that they are an actual extension of your mind, body, and soul. It wasn’t that I knew he was gay, I didn’t even understand what that meant until I got older, I just knew he was different.  And what a beautiful different he is (swipe right for a peak of us as kiddos).

We’ve never really argued and luckily have always been close.  But when we were in our twenties I started to see a change in his demeanor. He was distant and angry. I knew deep down he was struggling to come out, I could see he was working through his emotions and journey and I had to be patient.  Even when he was distant, cold, sad, angry and a slew of other confused emotions I knew I needed to respect his timeline and truth.  I never asked him or told him what I thought but just waited as I knew someday when he knew and was ready he would come to me…because as one of my best friends for life I knew he couldn’t keep it a secret forever.  I couldn’t tell him what he was he needed to find out who he was.

It wasn’t until we sat down one day for dinner while he was in California for Navy training that he finally looked me in the eye and said, “I have something to tell you… I’m gay.”  In that moment I felt such an intense flood of emotions for him and the most important was pride.  Naturally I laughed and said “Duh, your cats are named Lauren & Ralph…you think I didn’t put that together…Ralph Lauren” (let’s be real no straight man would do that and if you have and are I’m sorry!).  We laughed and cried and shared a special moment, for the first time in a long time I saw hope in his eyes.  I never knew how severe his fear of loosing our family or acceptance was until that conversation, how he had been living two separate lives throughout medical school and how his biggest fear was if our father and family would disown him.

I felt a new found desire to protect him, much like when we were little and there were bullies at school telling us to go back to our own country and I would yell and threaten to fight them as they threw hot tar from a recently paved street at us, or when a kid slapped him and told him to get his black hands away from him and I only found out because of a friends sister going home crying about it as the teacher said and did nothing to protect him, I sat him down and made him talk to me about it and made him promise to tell our parents.  I protected him then and would again and always.  We come from a devout Catholic family and honestly even I didn’t think that strong foundation would hold through the coming months and years like it has.

From him graduating medical school, to being an active member of the US Navy, to then being able to officiate his wedding, to my amazing brother-in-law our family foundation grew stronger.  To say “I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through to get to here,” doesn’t seem like enough, I don’t think anything is.  But what I will say is…My Jimbo – I’m sorry you had to inherit my clarinet, for writing kiss my butt on your back, for making you dance with me at the school talent show in a sombrero, laughing at you when you puked on the continental divide (pic RIGHT after next to the telescope) and making you clean up after a rager I threw in high school.  Jimmy never complained and as these pics prove he always had a smile on his face…a smile that cannot only light up a room but my heart.

If you or someone you know is going through a struggle to come out know you are strong and you deserve to live the life you want to live, not behind a curtain, not as someone you are not but rather as your true self.  So during Pride month I always have a moment of reflection and smile as there really isn’t a word that could describe my feelings for my brothers’ journey any better than Pride.  Jimmy Hynes I am so proud of you!

Many brands and stores ​released exclusive pride collections in celebration of Pride month and some with proceeds to benefit the LGBT community and youth. Here are some of ​my favorites from this year: